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LiveJournal for Deprecated lot of dusty meaninglessness.

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Subject:5 years of something: still going weak.
Time:10:48 pm.
Uh, no much updates lately nor will be. After quick reflection of the past writings it's obvious not much have happened.
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

Time:12:18 pm.
Mood: stressed.
So I passed out after drinking session with my company and missed the train to Turku, fuck, no Estoteric! And from now on I'll be busy as hell with my master thesis, combined with my day job, combined with my magazine activities, combined with my upcoming band activities! 24 hours per day is not enough!
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Friday, November 12th, 2004

Time:12:02 pm.
Hmmm, gotta write something. Just sent out the The Chasm interview. Goddamn that new album kills. Also I have to generate some bullshit for Xasthur and Drawn & Quartered interview. Let's see.

I'm so busy with this friggin magazine thing. Yesterday at last I got #4 out my hands and in the very same evening I started to produce #5, there were stunning couple of hours to just chill. I just am involved in roughly 1/3 of the interviews, a big chunk of reviews (over 20 in last issue), designed and implemented 2/3 of a graphical layout including cover, and from now on I'm the one and only art director too, uh, burnout here I come. This is just a hobby and you got to go work and that kind of things the normal people do, things can get pretty messy.

Esoteric(uk) tomorrow here in Finland, can't wait to see 'em and their slow torture.
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Friday, May 14th, 2004

Subject:Buzy Summer Dezekration's
Time:11:36 am.
Mood: busy.
Uh, we are heading very busy summer gig-wise, I piss honey.

28.5 @ HKI - Metallica + bunch of crappy numetal supports
29.5 @ Kouvola - Watain/Kaamos/Slugathor??

16.6 @ Oulu - Skyforger
18.6-20.6 Provinssirock - Testament, Exodus, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hypocrisy...
21.6 @ Oulu - Deicide, In Aeternum, Mystic Circle, Akercocksuckers
25.6 @ Nummirock - Morbid Angel, Sotajumala, Rotten Sound, Gaytatonia...

15-17.7 @ Tuska & jatkoklubit - Death Angel, Dismember, Chaosbreed, Deathbound, To Seperate Flesh from bones, Rytmihäiriö, Nasum + others

20.8-21.8 @ Jalometalli - Devilyn, Neolith, Sacred Crucifix + others

6.09 @ Oulu - Vader, Torture Killer
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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

Subject:I'm a poser
Time:10:55 pm.

Doing some interviews, Incriminated, Dismember... And I should do Suffocation but I don't have a friggin guts or equipment to CALL to the united states and try to communicate through humming phone line with some new yorker, huh.
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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004

Subject:Is this a DEATH or a BIRTH?
Time:1:12 am.
Goddamn, now I a real "journalist" in a domestic magazine, or at least it seems to be like that right now so I can put my real effort to creating reviews and interviews in that venue, so what I do with this friggin journal... Perhaps I give sneak preview of RIBSPREADER interview with Rogga finished today:

So, you have a new album "Bolted to the cross" ready to be spreaded like
a plague and it definitely kicks some major arse. What's the story behind
Ribspreader? Have Dan and you working together in Edge of Sanity's
Crimson II something to do with this idea? I have read from the older interviews
that Ribspreader was originally a crust project in the vein on Disfear but
it sure does sound like traditional Swedish Death to me!

R: Yes of course me and Dan working on Crimson II spawned some ideas in my
head...haha! The second day of the Crimson II vocals session I asked him
if he might be interested in doing some drumming on a band I had going.
To my surprise (Dan is a veeery busy guy) he immediatly though it was a
cool idea, and I was kinda stunned as i didn´t even have almost any songs
done. The stuff I had was very much more in the crust vein as you mention
but when I got home and started writing more material it almost right away
turned into a death metal beast instead. As I wanted not to only have my
style of writing on the album I asked Andreas who just had left Paganizer
to also do a couple of tracks and htye turned out very oldschool death metal
aswell. Actually the only remaining crust riffing is in one of the middle
tracks of the album, but when Dan put his drums on the stuff it immediatly
sounded death metal anyway... So you´re very right indeed when you say it
sounds like traditional death metal.

I must ask what was the point, the vision, to form Ribspreader?
Old school all star outfits like Bloodbath (with Dan Swanö who plays also
in Ribspreader), Chaosbreed and Murder Squad have recently
terrorized the listeners, do you have reasons why we still need
another one? How serious Ribspeader is, just a project for fun or do you
plan to tour also? I guess that Dan is too busy for that and you have

R: What´s the point? Well, besides that we live for this music and love playing
it there´s not really any point to Ribspreader I guess...haha! I mean we
could have written any kind of music for Ribspreader but this is simply
the stuff we automatically write and it comes naturally to us. Ribspreader
started out as a project but now it´s very much a band, and Dan will also
play on the follow up album so nobody will be disappointed in that aspect
if they only run and by the album ´casue they like his work. Live gigs or
even a tour is all in the planning stages and nothing at all is confirmed
yet but as you gather there will be a session drummer on any future gigs
this year as Dan has his hands full with more high priority stuff for him.
The rest of us though are going to be on stage banging to the netal of death
we´ve unleashed.

What you think about those other mentioned therapy projects? Do you
think that old school Death Metal is living some kinda renaissance. There
are reunions, many new worship bands and old veterans have rised from the
mediocrity with strong new Albums (Dismember).

R: I totally agree that the new Dismember is a very strong album, and I also
look forward to the next Grave and Unleashed albums as those guys must be
hungry to top their last very weak efforts (if you compare them to their
earlier stuff). I think that all music is great as long as it´s done for
the love of it and not to pay bills or to render the author some stupid
hip factor or something. Music is essential you know, just as alcohol. Without
it you crumble and die...

Ok, that was not all, rest you can read from the magazine when it's out, in finnish of course ;)
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Subject:Where the ever flowing obcenities grow
Time:11:52 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Ok, when I got glimpse of the new cover painting of sweden's very own Death Metal stalwarts DISMEMBER I was thrilled of possibility of cliched "back to roots" album but afraid in the other hand because we all know that these relics have churned out nothing but below par end products of human digestion last decade or so. So last time they had genuine Seagrave in their cover was Like an ever flowing stream, considered as the best swedish DM recording of all time by many so this could be a good sign, right? Unfortunately my fears have partly embodied and this is not LAEFS part II, it has more in common with latest even remotely okeyish Dismember, Maximum Killing Capacity, over-melodic and mellow for it's own good back then. Now the sound is quite the same, but tracks have a tiny Indecent and Obscene ingredient too, unique melodic DM in Dismember way, not in of those thousand and one Gothenburg followers. Me-god has funny Autopsy rip-off in the beginning and that song is old schoolest and among the better ones of this set. I think this is easily best album since Indecent & Obscene but that is not necessary a huge compliment because to me Dismember has just a one truly essential release. Still clearly above average addition to uneven Dismember catalog and quite "nice" in it's own charming style with undeniable professionalism. Good to see Dismember back in business still yet I'm quite pissed off for their "uncompromising real Death Metal attitude" when their musical creations are nowadays far from morbid and dark metal of death they were...say in 1989 (One may ask did this band even exist then, those were the days of post/pre-Dismember CARNAGE if I remember right, and yes I'm too lazy to check the facts now. You got the point.) but perhaps I just have to realize eventually that we live in a new millenium and the sinister atmosheres of a glorious past are long gone and buried in the deepest of underground and Dismember are not a part of this movement anymore. On a positive note it's miles better than newest Unleashed which didn't bear any resemblance to Death Metal or even a good music. And let's just forget Entombed, shall we...

Eager to see upcoming DVD.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Subject:Gig review: MORTEM(per)/SLUGATHOR(fin) @Turku
Time:3:07 pm.
Time to break some ice and explore new grounds in a form of a gig review.

So I travelled some 600 kilometers to ex-capital of Finland, Turku, just to witness a dose of Peruvian Death Metal Madness. I'm pleased to announce that the trip turned out to be a quite rewarding one, musical-wise of course. First thing upon arrival at the demolition site was to notice a serious lack of crowd, though the venue (TVO) was a small hell hole too. Apparently sunday evenings aren't the best possible for Metal shows.

Evening's first band was local Maggottholamia, they blasted their flavour of Brutal DM with rather satisfying intentesity but material's undeniable unoriginality caused that I was more interested in my cold beer than their quite plain standard live show. A band to keep track on in the future but nothing more yet.

Better things were just around the corner. Soon first notes of Slugathor broke the silence. Their musick is quite typical US-style Death Metal bombardment and I must say that I miss their psychedelic/cosmic nuances from their demo days which setted them apart from mindless Cannibal Corpse clones. Their recent brand of brutal gore-soaked blasting is at least OK, some very catchy riffs, vocals were unfortunately mixed too low. They ended their set with Burn within, absolute crushing hit song from their first demo/ep and I saw even some heads nodding a bit.

After some beer drinking and babling Mortem started with a blast and the small but dedicated crowd gathered around a "stage" to give support to this oldest running death squad of South-America. And damned it was great, it can't get any more old school than this because these quys are old school. Vocalist/guitar shredder Fernan Nebiros has a huge stage presence even he's small in height. Band's pure dedication to their brutal evil dark cause just blew sceptics away and left even enlightened ones to grasp some air. They threw gems from all their 3 studio albums, like Uma, Head of the witch, Devil Speaks in Tongues, Demonolatry, Incubus: The Return, and Possessed cover Satan's Curse which got a quite enthusiastic response. They had no bass player for unknown reason but twin guitar massacre and pummeling drum holocaust were enough to provide very violent and frenetic show. Thumbs up!
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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

Time:9:41 pm.
Incapacity - Chaos Complete
I must admit the first time in the local shop I run across this album the sticker mentioning that this band includes members of Edge of Sanity, Pan-thy-monium, Solar Dawn and Unmoored was a bit of turn off for me instead of selling point so I did't even make another glimpse to it, yet. Then I just accidently checked couple of reviews from the 'net where they claimed this to be old school swedish DM worship and that immediately grabbed my attention so next thing was to rush into the store and get this baby. Boy, this is quite enjoyable album even it has a little modern thrash element and gothenburg hinted melodies here and there. Actually this is the first album IN YEARS with these characteristics that did any good to me. The basics are laid to solid Swedish Death Metal foundation with classic vocal style and morbid guitar sound so this must be good stuff, right? Yes, even it's not a music man would call a old school. Melodies are here in main focus but fortunately they are usually very somber and annoying moments seldomly occur. There are couple of moment when you have that real old feeling followed some more modern bits and it works surprisingly well. Perhaps the mix of old Entombed/Dismember and Unianimated with a touch of bands like Sins of Omission and A Canourous Quintet would end up like this. More than anything I'm surprised that I, oversaturated and fed up with that typical swedish crap, can even listen to this.
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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004

Subject:House on the edge of the Park
Time:10:30 pm.
Ok, let's kick off this year. A new year, a new born motivation to update my live journal... perhaps not. ;) Ok, here's review.

Avenger(cze) - Godless (Deathgasm records 2003)
Avenger, czech dark cult of smrti have kicked xstian ass since their Shadows of the damned debut CD/LP (Breath of Night records, that Akhenaten's label). That album was astonishing piece of dark death/black with strong czech ug BM influence (read: Master's Hammer, Törr, Root) and some elements of good old death metal like Immolation, Treblinka and Death. Heavy, moody, crushing, melodic, I loved that album. Their sophmore effort, Fall and Devotion was a bit letdown compared to their masterful beginning but was quite ok though but now this assault team strikes in the gold vein again with their 3rd offering, Godless. Even more melodic now, but equally sinister and dark, Godless will send tremors to your spinal cord with it's unique atmosphere. First edition is coupled with limited live CD which has a great sound and a great set of songs from their all albums.
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Thursday, December 11th, 2003

Subject:Thrash Metal or no Metal at All
Time:1:26 pm.
Thrash rules! And obscure thrash rules more. There were dozens and dozens of relatively unknown bands in all over the world in the golden era (85-91) but I must say that in Germany the thrash scene was one of the most outstanding in the world. Everybody talk always just the holy trinity D/K/S but there were lots of superb bands which didn't rise to the mainstream before it was too late to succeed in commercial way with thrash/speed. bands like Deathrow and Assassin always remained in the shadows of glorious trio but they were equally interesting. In pure entertainment factor a less professional versions of big names are fun to listen, pure energy versus sheer technical precision. Even mass hysteria is a long gone those relatively forgotten bands are still getting reissues and deserve it.

Oh, and I got http://www.phlegmcum.com:8888 shoutcast station too. ;)
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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Subject:Something desperate
Time:2:55 pm.
Now I realized it! I should post dull uninteresting reviews of dull uninteresting albums here so my live journal have some excuse to live.

TORTURE KILLER - For maggots to devour
I was expecting something more from this "allstar" outfit. Ok, I saw ravings of similarities between
old Six Feet Under in preceding hype but fool I am I purchased this any way for supporting
SFDM. TK delivers no-brains simple groovy Death Metal and yes, Haunted-era SFU and newer Obituary
(both w/ Allen West) comes to mind. There's a hints of extra brutality still. The sole problem
of their music is that it's not enough varied nor sufficiently brutal or primitive to keep
things going and album tends to loose edge in the long run. Those few memorable riffs are rip offs and
rest are just so standard stuff that they won't raise any eyebrows, I have hard to find any stand out
tracks to mention here so I won't do it. Sound wise things are in pretty good shape though, heavy and powerful.
I definitely prefer men's other bands, Torn, Adramelech and (once so mighty) Demigod.
**½ out of *****
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Friday, November 14th, 2003

Subject:Life is N/A
Time:1:37 pm.
I'm a bit pissed off due the Iron Maiden cancellation. Bruce got some black plague in his throat so doctor didn't allowed him to sing but the concert is now rescheduled to next month. I traveled some hefty 600 kilometers to find out that there aren't no gig. Fortunately I at least witnessed Death in June so bonus gig became the main event and what an event it was, splendid. I'm so used to extreme metal and only metal that Di6's "soft" acoustic music blew my mind. It was still really intense. Interesting, very refreshing and thought-provoking anti-thesis of all that primitive and brutal shit I mainly consume. And of course I bought shit loads of records...
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Saturday, October 25th, 2003

Subject:Exhumed at last
Time:10:46 pm.
After long silence it's time to show some signs of "life". Saw Kill Bill vol 1, it was quite great and now I can't wait to see volume two which is going to be arrive february, the sucky thing in this new tendency to do clustered seamless sequels. I just wondered why on earth they had right-sided traffic in Tokyo.
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Thursday, October 9th, 2003

Time:10:38 am.
And then really happens, in under 24 hours i'm bashed by extra tax payments, then my apartment is wihtout electricity because electric company shut it down without warning because couple of bills and my food is rotting in the fridge (now you just really understand how nice it is to have electricity), then I forgot my key to the pocket of another jacket and my spare key is in possession of my mom who left to Germany yesterday and I don't even have time to go and pay those electric bills coz in the same key ring is my bike key, then I jump in the wrong buss.... I just wonder what still lurks in the shadows of this hideous day.
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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Subject:Bodily trauma
Time:1:34 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Nothing happens. At least I should be happy because every friggin' day is away from total of my civilian service. Now 322 days left, must party somehow when it's under 300.

Tax authorities are on me due non paid taxes I shouldn't have to even pay. My financial status is a frightening case, rents are late, electric bills are stalking my sanity, I hope this agony ends by the year's end and I regain status quo.

There aren't even any cool gigs now in this country when I'd have a good change to go to them (I have loads of free train tickets thanks to my service). Oh, there's Opeth. but it's just not SO good that I'd bother to go hundreds of miles to see it, is it? A bit too pussy for me though Orchid rules. Christian Extol is their supporting act in Finland tour and it could be fun to see those religious geeks in front row banging their short haired retarded heads.
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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Subject:Non-frequent Poser Bash
Time:7:42 pm.
Mood: nerdy.
Awww, I just don't have anything to nag about right now (or plenty but it's the same old shit). I got obsessed by movies and saw 10 (most of them were great) in two days. Haven't enough money to buy enough DVDs which is sad but the focus must be somewhere and it's music. New Krisiun and Morbid Angel landed in my collection today and gotta now give them some serious listen.
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Friday, September 5th, 2003

Time:10:35 pm.

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Subject:Oh yes, cum on baby, show some innards for me
Time:10:08 pm.
Indeed Avril Lavigne stinks BUT so does Cradle of Filth and alikes. For me Avril and Dani is in a same league, stinking commercial junk (despite the CoF's tries to be "extreme") so it's funny that those trendies are bashing other trendies. Commercial pop music is mindless shit but honest shit, made just for commercial purposes and ripping off stupid pre-teenagers. Metal should not be made with same motivation and aims. Iced Earth and Nevermore are music that I don't understand fully but I definitely didn't accuse those for anything. Hard-working bands with strong following but I don't see them very commercial, at least here in Finland. Actually every band with a record deal is somewhat commercial but here commercialism = dishonest music made for money. Mediocrity is a plague in underground also and we must point our finger to trend. Every shit band playing some sort of black metal or melodic "death" metal seems to get contract in a blink of an eye and it's very excruating to find anything interesting from that pile of garbage. I don't say that every small band is ridden with oppurtinism but the chasm between incompentent demo bands and competent recording artist is diminished. In the 80ies/early 90ies average quality of metal releases (and there were much much less of those) is stunning compared present situation, but perhaps I'm just a nostalgic idiot.

Ah, new Iron Maiden is surpisingly splendid. Maiden is huge but popularity doesn't always exclude quality.

This new layout of LJ is cool but menu system is a bit too complex.
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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

Subject:Necromilitant Iconoclasm
Time:6:20 pm.
My favourites within metal scene are those apparently young retards who claim to be the meanest metal heroes when they listen Cradle of Filth instead of Britney Spears. When you launch jokingly in some chat/irc lines like "Avril Lavigne kills!" you have bunch of these warriors of "metal" to shout insults on you: "you fucking mainstream fag!!", funny. When this metal trend goes away? I've waited it now about 7 long years. Record markets are flooded with mediocre shit and I don't even talk about numetal.
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