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Is this a DEATH or a BIRTH?

Goddamn, now I a real "journalist" in a domestic magazine, or at least it seems to be like that right now so I can put my real effort to creating reviews and interviews in that venue, so what I do with this friggin journal... Perhaps I give sneak preview of RIBSPREADER interview with Rogga finished today:

So, you have a new album "Bolted to the cross" ready to be spreaded like
a plague and it definitely kicks some major arse. What's the story behind
Ribspreader? Have Dan and you working together in Edge of Sanity's
Crimson II something to do with this idea? I have read from the older interviews
that Ribspreader was originally a crust project in the vein on Disfear but
it sure does sound like traditional Swedish Death to me!

R: Yes of course me and Dan working on Crimson II spawned some ideas in my
head...haha! The second day of the Crimson II vocals session I asked him
if he might be interested in doing some drumming on a band I had going.
To my surprise (Dan is a veeery busy guy) he immediatly though it was a
cool idea, and I was kinda stunned as i didn´t even have almost any songs
done. The stuff I had was very much more in the crust vein as you mention
but when I got home and started writing more material it almost right away
turned into a death metal beast instead. As I wanted not to only have my
style of writing on the album I asked Andreas who just had left Paganizer
to also do a couple of tracks and htye turned out very oldschool death metal
aswell. Actually the only remaining crust riffing is in one of the middle
tracks of the album, but when Dan put his drums on the stuff it immediatly
sounded death metal anyway... So you´re very right indeed when you say it
sounds like traditional death metal.

I must ask what was the point, the vision, to form Ribspreader?
Old school all star outfits like Bloodbath (with Dan Swanö who plays also
in Ribspreader), Chaosbreed and Murder Squad have recently
terrorized the listeners, do you have reasons why we still need
another one? How serious Ribspeader is, just a project for fun or do you
plan to tour also? I guess that Dan is too busy for that and you have

R: What´s the point? Well, besides that we live for this music and love playing
it there´s not really any point to Ribspreader I guess...haha! I mean we
could have written any kind of music for Ribspreader but this is simply
the stuff we automatically write and it comes naturally to us. Ribspreader
started out as a project but now it´s very much a band, and Dan will also
play on the follow up album so nobody will be disappointed in that aspect
if they only run and by the album ´casue they like his work. Live gigs or
even a tour is all in the planning stages and nothing at all is confirmed
yet but as you gather there will be a session drummer on any future gigs
this year as Dan has his hands full with more high priority stuff for him.
The rest of us though are going to be on stage banging to the netal of death
we´ve unleashed.

What you think about those other mentioned therapy projects? Do you
think that old school Death Metal is living some kinda renaissance. There
are reunions, many new worship bands and old veterans have rised from the
mediocrity with strong new Albums (Dismember).

R: I totally agree that the new Dismember is a very strong album, and I also
look forward to the next Grave and Unleashed albums as those guys must be
hungry to top their last very weak efforts (if you compare them to their
earlier stuff). I think that all music is great as long as it´s done for
the love of it and not to pay bills or to render the author some stupid
hip factor or something. Music is essential you know, just as alcohol. Without
it you crumble and die...

Ok, that was not all, rest you can read from the magazine when it's out, in finnish of course ;)
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