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Where the ever flowing obcenities grow

Ok, when I got glimpse of the new cover painting of sweden's very own Death Metal stalwarts DISMEMBER I was thrilled of possibility of cliched "back to roots" album but afraid in the other hand because we all know that these relics have churned out nothing but below par end products of human digestion last decade or so. So last time they had genuine Seagrave in their cover was Like an ever flowing stream, considered as the best swedish DM recording of all time by many so this could be a good sign, right? Unfortunately my fears have partly embodied and this is not LAEFS part II, it has more in common with latest even remotely okeyish Dismember, Maximum Killing Capacity, over-melodic and mellow for it's own good back then. Now the sound is quite the same, but tracks have a tiny Indecent and Obscene ingredient too, unique melodic DM in Dismember way, not in of those thousand and one Gothenburg followers. Me-god has funny Autopsy rip-off in the beginning and that song is old schoolest and among the better ones of this set. I think this is easily best album since Indecent & Obscene but that is not necessary a huge compliment because to me Dismember has just a one truly essential release. Still clearly above average addition to uneven Dismember catalog and quite "nice" in it's own charming style with undeniable professionalism. Good to see Dismember back in business still yet I'm quite pissed off for their "uncompromising real Death Metal attitude" when their musical creations are nowadays far from morbid and dark metal of death they were...say in 1989 (One may ask did this band even exist then, those were the days of post/pre-Dismember CARNAGE if I remember right, and yes I'm too lazy to check the facts now. You got the point.) but perhaps I just have to realize eventually that we live in a new millenium and the sinister atmosheres of a glorious past are long gone and buried in the deepest of underground and Dismember are not a part of this movement anymore. On a positive note it's miles better than newest Unleashed which didn't bear any resemblance to Death Metal or even a good music. And let's just forget Entombed, shall we...

Eager to see upcoming DVD.
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