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Gig review: MORTEM(per)/SLUGATHOR(fin) @Turku

Time to break some ice and explore new grounds in a form of a gig review.

So I travelled some 600 kilometers to ex-capital of Finland, Turku, just to witness a dose of Peruvian Death Metal Madness. I'm pleased to announce that the trip turned out to be a quite rewarding one, musical-wise of course. First thing upon arrival at the demolition site was to notice a serious lack of crowd, though the venue (TVO) was a small hell hole too. Apparently sunday evenings aren't the best possible for Metal shows.

Evening's first band was local Maggottholamia, they blasted their flavour of Brutal DM with rather satisfying intentesity but material's undeniable unoriginality caused that I was more interested in my cold beer than their quite plain standard live show. A band to keep track on in the future but nothing more yet.

Better things were just around the corner. Soon first notes of Slugathor broke the silence. Their musick is quite typical US-style Death Metal bombardment and I must say that I miss their psychedelic/cosmic nuances from their demo days which setted them apart from mindless Cannibal Corpse clones. Their recent brand of brutal gore-soaked blasting is at least OK, some very catchy riffs, vocals were unfortunately mixed too low. They ended their set with Burn within, absolute crushing hit song from their first demo/ep and I saw even some heads nodding a bit.

After some beer drinking and babling Mortem started with a blast and the small but dedicated crowd gathered around a "stage" to give support to this oldest running death squad of South-America. And damned it was great, it can't get any more old school than this because these quys are old school. Vocalist/guitar shredder Fernan Nebiros has a huge stage presence even he's small in height. Band's pure dedication to their brutal evil dark cause just blew sceptics away and left even enlightened ones to grasp some air. They threw gems from all their 3 studio albums, like Uma, Head of the witch, Devil Speaks in Tongues, Demonolatry, Incubus: The Return, and Possessed cover Satan's Curse which got a quite enthusiastic response. They had no bass player for unknown reason but twin guitar massacre and pummeling drum holocaust were enough to provide very violent and frenetic show. Thumbs up!
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