Deprecated lot of dusty meaninglessness (convulser) wrote,
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Incapacity - Chaos Complete
I must admit the first time in the local shop I run across this album the sticker mentioning that this band includes members of Edge of Sanity, Pan-thy-monium, Solar Dawn and Unmoored was a bit of turn off for me instead of selling point so I did't even make another glimpse to it, yet. Then I just accidently checked couple of reviews from the 'net where they claimed this to be old school swedish DM worship and that immediately grabbed my attention so next thing was to rush into the store and get this baby. Boy, this is quite enjoyable album even it has a little modern thrash element and gothenburg hinted melodies here and there. Actually this is the first album IN YEARS with these characteristics that did any good to me. The basics are laid to solid Swedish Death Metal foundation with classic vocal style and morbid guitar sound so this must be good stuff, right? Yes, even it's not a music man would call a old school. Melodies are here in main focus but fortunately they are usually very somber and annoying moments seldomly occur. There are couple of moment when you have that real old feeling followed some more modern bits and it works surprisingly well. Perhaps the mix of old Entombed/Dismember and Unianimated with a touch of bands like Sins of Omission and A Canourous Quintet would end up like this. More than anything I'm surprised that I, oversaturated and fed up with that typical swedish crap, can even listen to this.
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