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Ok, let's kick off this year. A new year, a new born motivation to update my live journal... perhaps not. ;) Ok, here's review.

Avenger(cze) - Godless (Deathgasm records 2003)
Avenger, czech dark cult of smrti have kicked xstian ass since their Shadows of the damned debut CD/LP (Breath of Night records, that Akhenaten's label). That album was astonishing piece of dark death/black with strong czech ug BM influence (read: Master's Hammer, Törr, Root) and some elements of good old death metal like Immolation, Treblinka and Death. Heavy, moody, crushing, melodic, I loved that album. Their sophmore effort, Fall and Devotion was a bit letdown compared to their masterful beginning but was quite ok though but now this assault team strikes in the gold vein again with their 3rd offering, Godless. Even more melodic now, but equally sinister and dark, Godless will send tremors to your spinal cord with it's unique atmosphere. First edition is coupled with limited live CD which has a great sound and a great set of songs from their all albums.
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