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Now I realized it! I should post dull uninteresting reviews of dull uninteresting albums here so my live journal have some excuse to live.

TORTURE KILLER - For maggots to devour
I was expecting something more from this "allstar" outfit. Ok, I saw ravings of similarities between
old Six Feet Under in preceding hype but fool I am I purchased this any way for supporting
SFDM. TK delivers no-brains simple groovy Death Metal and yes, Haunted-era SFU and newer Obituary
(both w/ Allen West) comes to mind. There's a hints of extra brutality still. The sole problem
of their music is that it's not enough varied nor sufficiently brutal or primitive to keep
things going and album tends to loose edge in the long run. Those few memorable riffs are rip offs and
rest are just so standard stuff that they won't raise any eyebrows, I have hard to find any stand out
tracks to mention here so I won't do it. Sound wise things are in pretty good shape though, heavy and powerful.
I definitely prefer men's other bands, Torn, Adramelech and (once so mighty) Demigod.
**½ out of *****
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