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Bodily trauma

Nothing happens. At least I should be happy because every friggin' day is away from total of my civilian service. Now 322 days left, must party somehow when it's under 300.

Tax authorities are on me due non paid taxes I shouldn't have to even pay. My financial status is a frightening case, rents are late, electric bills are stalking my sanity, I hope this agony ends by the year's end and I regain status quo.

There aren't even any cool gigs now in this country when I'd have a good change to go to them (I have loads of free train tickets thanks to my service). Oh, there's Opeth. but it's just not SO good that I'd bother to go hundreds of miles to see it, is it? A bit too pussy for me though Orchid rules. Christian Extol is their supporting act in Finland tour and it could be fun to see those religious geeks in front row banging their short haired retarded heads.
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