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Oh yes, cum on baby, show some innards for me

Indeed Avril Lavigne stinks BUT so does Cradle of Filth and alikes. For me Avril and Dani is in a same league, stinking commercial junk (despite the CoF's tries to be "extreme") so it's funny that those trendies are bashing other trendies. Commercial pop music is mindless shit but honest shit, made just for commercial purposes and ripping off stupid pre-teenagers. Metal should not be made with same motivation and aims. Iced Earth and Nevermore are music that I don't understand fully but I definitely didn't accuse those for anything. Hard-working bands with strong following but I don't see them very commercial, at least here in Finland. Actually every band with a record deal is somewhat commercial but here commercialism = dishonest music made for money. Mediocrity is a plague in underground also and we must point our finger to trend. Every shit band playing some sort of black metal or melodic "death" metal seems to get contract in a blink of an eye and it's very excruating to find anything interesting from that pile of garbage. I don't say that every small band is ridden with oppurtinism but the chasm between incompentent demo bands and competent recording artist is diminished. In the 80ies/early 90ies average quality of metal releases (and there were much much less of those) is stunning compared present situation, but perhaps I'm just a nostalgic idiot.

Ah, new Iron Maiden is surpisingly splendid. Maiden is huge but popularity doesn't always exclude quality.

This new layout of LJ is cool but menu system is a bit too complex.
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